The University Sports Programme offers a huge variety of low-budget individual and team sports. It is the fitness expert for all students – and goes easy on your budget: the »sport ticket« required for participation costs five euros per semester. And the follow-up costs are fairly moderate, too: for some courses the ticket is enough; usually you’ll have to pay between ten and 45 euros. Registrations for the university sport are only taken online.


The offer is large, compared to other universities, and spans from A as in aqua-biking to Z as in Zen-meditation and is aimed at amateurs and professionals. There are also special events such as the Campus Run. The university sport even takes you to other countries, for example to southern France for active rock climbing. The university also owns a little cabin in the Montafon mountains in Austria. Sport without a guide or instructor is also possible: soccer fans, for example, can rent a “lawn” for 45 euros per semester to play 1.5 hours once a week. HTWG students may also take part in the university sports programme. In addition, the HTWG has its own special offer: Feel like playing darts with the facility managers or fistball for a change?


The fitness centre »uniMotion« in the university sports hall (with WLAN access) is in particularly high demand: fitness equipment administered by chip card for a measly 130 euros per semester. Otherwise, you can go by what the student assistants of the sport programme say: »The outdoor possibilities here are a dream«. Between Lake Constance and the Alps it is particularly easy to get involved in “exotic” sports such as sailing, diving, ice climbing or mountain climbing. The offer also includes mountain biking as well as the climbing tower at the university sports facilities.


The courses are usually well frequented. For all-time favourites such as sailing, volleyball or badminton, you should be in front of your computer screen at the moment that booking begins. Those who click too late are put on the waiting list. Many courses take place at the university sports facilities located between the Mainau forest and Lake Constance in Konstanz-Egg. Please use the available parking areas (e.g. University Parking East) as the tow truck regularly passes through Egg.