You couldn’t be closer to the water and nature: The label »uni-Nature« pertains to outdoor and water sports for students of the HTWG and the University. Sailing and rowing courses for beginners with different types of boats, windsurfing, kayaking and diving courses (even during the night) are a main part of the programme. Particularly the sailing and canoe courses are big hits (turn on your computer early on registration day). The season usually begins in late April and at the end you might have your Lake Constance Boat Permit.

It’s not everyone’s passion, but always fully booked: the motor boat training, which is only offered at the HTWG, as the University’s water sports area borders on a nature protection area.


The water sports facilities are located below the university sports hall around 10 minutes by foot from the university. Between the boat docking area and the water sports administration (also has jobs to offer) you can have a blast playing beach volleyball. The bathing area with sunbathing section and slackline field are directly beside it.


Professionally trained staff charter the boats and boards in their free time at low prices (in the summer everyday after 1 p.m., on weekends and holidays after 10 am., please bear the conditions of use in mind!) Both universities even provide a limited number of private dry berths. The German boating license (Sportküsten-Schifferschein), your ticket to sailing on high seas, can also be obtained at both universites: Real freaks put their skills to test in heavy-wind courses on Lake Como or while cruising in the Mediterranean Sea.


The university sports programme does not offer kite surfing, as kite surfing is only allowed in certain sections of Lake Constance and only with an exception permit from the local authorities. Nearby kite surfing spots: e.g. at Konstanz Wasserwerk between the yacht harbour in Staad and „Hörnle“ beach (1 March to 30 November), or on Reichenau Island (camping grounds Sandseele with a summer and winter section). Those interested in wake boarding and water skiing can be pulled by the German-Swiss Motor Boat Club (DSMC) Konstanz.