True Holiday Feeling

One thing is for certain: to cope with study stress the best thing to do is relax. There may be other cities with lovely artificial lakes, but those who have grilled their meat and sausages at the BBQ area down by the lake know that Konstanz offers a true vacation feeling.

University Beach Across Island Mainau

University students are frequently seen at the beach of the water sports facilities. Whether this primarily has to do with the nudist section has not yet been scientifically proven. More likely it has to do with its proximity to the main building and the nice view of the Island Mainau. You can have a BBQ here, too.

Dive into the smuggler’s bay

Ever swum in a smuggler’s bay? Precisely. But now you can, on the shores of the Seestraße You can also cool down on both sides of the bicycle bridge. Sunbathing spots on the urban shores of the Seerhein are highly coveted. However, you might not be able to unwind completely as the HTWG is situated just across.

Tip for discoverers: New Year’s Eve Swimming

Water is the mother of invention, and thus a few lifeguards decided, back in the 70s, to go swimming exactly on New Year’s Eve. By now this New Year’s Eve swimming has turned into a happening that attracts more and more water aficionados. Even though nowadays it takes place shortly before New Year’s Eve.


You would like to have a BBQ on a balmy summer’s evening, party, relax or get your books out? Then come and enjoy the Seepark, the recreational area in Kreuzlingen. From the wooden observation tower you will have a great view of the adjacent natural reserve.

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