Becoming a student

New students have many things to tend to. To make sure that you don’t forget anything we have compiled a list of the most important steps for starting your new student life.

  • Get informed: at university websites, at student guidance and counselling centres, on info days at the universities
  • File your application for admission: keep in mind the requirements and deadlines of the courses of study (educational qualifications, specific overall grade (numerus clausus), selection process, forms etc.)! Information and forms on the websites of the universities
  • Matriculation: possible only after your application has been accepted, send in all documents required, keep deadlines in mind!

Being a student

  • Essential documentation: collect your student ID and enrolment certificate in person from the university
  • Cafeteria card (deposit required), in person from the university
  • Activate your email account: you’ll be assigned a university email account after enrolment; in order to activate it, please consult with the IT Service Centre
  • Get support from the Central Student Advisory Service: obtain information and orientation resources, create your timetable
  • Check the course catalogue, select your courses: available online and in print
  • Read the examination regulations: available for download online
  • Buy your Studi-Ticket: € 53.20, valid for one semester and for all bus routes within the city boundaries + the 908 bus to Kreuzlingen and the ferry from and to Staad / Meersburg (bicycle included); the “Nachtschwärmer” (night owl) night bus is an additional € 3. Tickets are available from the Seezeit Student Services shop on campus and from any Stadtwerke Konstanz sale point
  • Get to know your university: Take part in the introductory events for new students; please consult your papers and the university websites for dates and details
  • Find your way around the library: Introduction to the library; dates are published on the university libraries’ websites
  • Get to know the IT Service Centre: Introduction to the IT Service Centre (how to use the university computers, software, email etc.); please check the universities’ IT websites for dates
  • Get to know your fellow students: Take part in pub crawls and city rallies to get to know others from your study programme; check the relevant Student Council websites


Get your bearings:

  • Find yourself a city map and prospectus: Tourist Information
  • Find your way around campus: Online and on location – use the campus maps to navigate your way around the university and HTWG campus/buildings.


Plan your everyday life:


Getting to grips with bureaucracy:

  • Registering or changing your address: Within a week of your arrival, you must register your new address and decide on whether it’s to be your main or secondary residence – registering it as your main residence means: you’ll be eligible to vote in local elections, you’ll be paying your taxes in Konstanz. Please note: the city of Konstanz levies a secondary residence tax (which is rather expensive!), so it might be worth registering Konstanz as your main residence. You can do all of this at the Bürgerbüro Konstanz (Citizens’ Services)
  • Get your new citizens’ welcome booklet and vouchers: various discounts (for Mainau Island, the Sea Life Center etc.); ask at the Bürgerbüro Konstanz (please note that this is only available to individuals registering Konstanz as their new main address)
  • Bin taxes: The amount you’ll have to pay depends upon how many of you there are living in your flat/room. Those of you living in student accommodation: the bin taxes are included in your rent, so there’s no need to worry! More information is available from your local waste management services