City Districts

Niederburg / Old town
Oldest part of Konstanz with medieval flair in the shadow of the Münster. Great access to the city centre, as advantageous a place to live as the Paradies district. Disadvantage: The difficult parking situation.

Who wouldn’t want to live in paradise? Not the afterlife, mind you. Rather: The Paradies, which includes parts of the city centre and extends as far down as the banks of the Seerhein. Lots of local pubs within walking distance. Also the HTWG. File under: Neighbourhood jackpot!

Music quarter (in Petershausen-Ost)
Derives its nickname from the many classical composers that lend their names to the local streets. Casino and harbour in close proximity, which makes for aristocratic rental prices. Hardly any student flats and as ardently fought over as 11:00 o’clock admission to the “Rock am See” festival.

On the northern shore of the Rhine featuring a large number of student flats. Easy to get to the other parts of town and to both universities. Summer treat: Access to the embankment and the public swimming pool.

Not as popular as the other districts because of its distance to the city centre and to Lake Constance. On the plus side: it’s very close to university. Which means: A large number of student flats. Huge advantage: Not far from Petershausen and the rents are cheap. It’s a ten-minute bus ride to the city centre and the bus service is great.

The Chérisy district – the Chérisy grounds used to be an army barracks. Just outside the city centre and close to the Mainau forest. Local attractions: The “Kulturladen” (Kula), a local live club.

Rather quiet, a 15-minute bus ride from the city centre. Avoid if it’s the party crowd you’re looking to join. Home to the “Berchengebiet”, by some considered a socially disadvantaged area. Don’t assume the worst, though: it’s not Berlin-Marzahn (which is where you really don’t want to live). Shops and local doctors abound, getting the bus to town is quick and easy.

Egg / Staad / Allmannsdorf
Urban life is not for you? Living close to the lake and forest is your thing? Then you might want to consider one of these city districts. You’ll be delighted to learn that the entrance to Mainau Island (Konstanz’s flower island) is located on the border of Egg and Staad. Staad is also where you’ll catch the ferry to Meersburg on the northern shore of Lake Constance. A bus ride to town usually takes about 20 minutes, the university is closer.

Litzelstetten/ Dingelsdorf / Dettingen/ Wallhausen
Four suburbs, a 30-minute bus ride away. You couldn’t find a more idyllic spot if you went looking for it. Nor would you find anywhere with fewer clubbing opportunities. The upside: Litzelstetten is a short 10-minute bus ride away from university.

UNESCO World Heritage Site and Konstanz’s vegetable island. Unfortunately, the bus service to Konstanz isn’t great.

Second largest town of the Swiss Canton of Thurgovia (Thurgau). Which means: It’s tranquil. A real alternative to Konstanz thanks to its four border crossings – but bear in mind: you’ll have to pay in Swiss Francs!