Transportation in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen

Konstanz is, similar to Freiburg, truly a bicycle city. Casual cyclists can easily and quickly make it from one end of the city to the other. And it is more fun than driving as there are almost more traffic lights in the city centre than parking spots, which are anything but cheap. Luckily the public busses go to all important locations – one more reason to purchase a “Studi ticket”.

Information on transportation:
The “Mobilitätszentrale” (mobility support office) of the Konstanz tourist information centre will help you get to your destination!

Studi ticket

With your semester student ID you can purchase the Studi ticket in the Seezeit-Shop at the university or in numerous kiosks in the city, e.g. in the underpass near the market square. It costs 53,20 euros and is valid one whole semester, i.e. six months. You can use the local commuter train “Seehas” (between central station Konstanz and the station Wollmatingen only), the ferry to Meersburg (as pedestrian or with your bike only), all Konstanz city bus lines, except the “Nachtschwärmer” nightbusses, and line 908 to Kreuzlingen.

Since winter semester 2012/13 you can also purchase the upgrade version: the VHB-Studi ticket. It costs 54,10 euros per semester and is valid in the whole VHB network of the Konstanz district (Verkehrsverbund Hegau-Bodensee).

Tip for bargain hunters: going by bus for free

Don’t have a Studi-Ticket but want to ride the bus for free? No problem! All students enrolled at the university or HTWG can use the Studi-Ticket public transportation services from 19:00 to 04:30 thanks to the solidarity fee all students pay each semester. That includes the bus, the Seehas trains and even the ferry to/from Meersburg. Only exception: the special “Nachtschwärmer” (night owl) buses. Please don’t forget to bring along your student ID card and the attached semester sticker.

…by bike

Don’t have a bicycle yet? No problem!
Zweirad Joos stock a number of bike brands. Make sure to pop down for the warehouse sale.

It might also be worth attending one of Konstanz’s bicycle auctions (check for dates with the Bürgerbüro (Citizen’s Services), where you’ll find a selection of unwanted yet perfectly working second-hand bikes for sale (location: Untere Laube 24, wedged between the “Laube” administrative building and the car park).

Renting a bike is a great idea for visiting friends or relatives. If they’re travelling by train, it couldn’t be easier to rent a bike: the “Kultur-Rädle” rental service is located right next to the main rail station.

A number of bicycles are available for rent from the university, which is a much cheaper alternative (€ 1 per day). The only drawback: you must collect and return your bike to uni between 12:00 and 13:00, rent periods are limited to a total of 60 or 120 days (for Erasmus students) per semester.

A handy alternative are the new rental delibikes (transport bikes) from TINK: the first hour is free, every consecutive half hour costs € 1 (€ 9 max per day). You can use these bikes to transport loads of 80-100 kg and return your bike to the nearest TINK rental station.

Attention: make sure to comply with the highway code at all times – the police are known to screen cyclists and their bicycles.

…by bus & “Nachtschwärmer”-bus

But which bus goes where? What is the fastest way to the university, to the beach or to Kreuzlingen? Here you will find the entire bus route system with a clearly arranged layout, as well as schedules and prices.

Smartphone owners can also use the following app for free:  Fahrinfo-App for Android and iOS.

Those who don’t want to jump on their bike after a long night of partying can hop on the “Nachtschwärmer”-bus  which circulates around Konstanz. The trip costs three euros with the Studi ticket.

…by ferry

The fastest and cheapest way for pedestrians to get to the other side of the lake via Meersburg is the ferry. A one-way ride takes about 15 minutes and provides fantastic views of the Alps, the Bodan ridge and Mainau Island.

Bonus feature for drivers: Web cams are available at the embarkation points on either shore to let you check the length of the queue in real time. Please check online to find out about additional ferry connections.

…Catch a ride

Not interested in making the long trip back home alone? Do you want to travel from A to B quickly and comfortably, but don’t have your own car? A good alternative to travel by bus and train is to catch a ride with someone travelling the same stretch using the free site Simply enter your destination and planned travel dates into the search engine for suggestions.

…by train and long distance coach

If you want to go exploring further afield, your best option is the rail network. You’ll reach Stuttgart via Singen in just under three hours, Munich via Friedrichshafen and Ulm is a four-hour train journey away.

A trip to Zurich takes about one and a half hours. The train to Zurich departs from the Schweizer Bahnhof (Swiss station), which abuts Konstanz main station. Please note that the Swiss rail services are more expensive than the Deutsche Bahn services. A second class trip to Zurich costs CHF 33.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you might want to check out the Mein Fernbus/Flixbus long-distance coach services departing from Konstanz Allmansdorf, Döbeleplatz and Mainau Island. The two and a half-hour trip to Stuttgart costs about € 10, the three and a half-hour trip to Munich costs € 11. An € 8 ticket will get you to Zurich.

…by cab

The Seeteufel MiniCar cab service offers short rides of up to two kilometres within Konstanz and Kreuzlingen for € 5. Every consecutive kilometre costs € 2.50. Dial +49 7531 44-944 to call your Seeteufel cab.

Other cab companies in Konstanz:
Taxi Dornheim: +49 7531 67-777
Taxi Müller: +49 7531 65-300
Taxi Haberbosch: +49 7531 44-800
CITYCAR Konstanz: +49 7531 282-5061

Tip for the cautious: never go by car on Saturdays

You have a lunch date in the city on Saturday afternoon and would like to go by car? Nice idea. But, unfortunately you’ll miss your lunch, as you won’t be able to park your car. Nowhere. The last of the 720 parking spaces at the Lago Centre are usually occupied between 10 and 11 a.m. on Saturdays, and in the old town you need a resident parking permit virtually everywhere.

Tip: Go by bus or bike, or park your car before 10 a.m., and take a stroll through the city.