Campus Startup Konstanz

Brand-new offer: Campus Startup Konstanz, the joint start-up center of HTWG and University of Konstanz.

For all graduates or the ones who are courageous enough to stare a first step into business with own ideas during their studies.

Campus Startup Konstanz supports you with intensive consulting and practical help – they know all relevant information and assist in building useful contacts to organizations.

Working across the border

Quite a few people are working in the neighbouring country alongside their studies or do their internship semester there. However, special rules apply to those living in Konstanz and working in Switzerland or vice versa, e.g. in the field of health insurance. Taxes are an issue too, if your place of residence and place of work are in two different countries.

Click here for basic information on the topic  and a comprehensive brochure.

Jobs ohne Grenzen” (jobs without borders) is a portal (in German) on the cross-border labour market in the Lake Constance area.
It contains information on many important topics, ranging from individual advice to information on the living and working conditions in the different countries around Lake Constance up to job search engines.

Green Energy

From the University, HTWG, companies and the ISC Research Center many innovations have emerged that can be attributed to the green energy sector.

The promotion and implementation of photovoltaics as well as renewable energies are coordinated in a network, organised by the city of Konstanz. Several players are working together, so that new, innovative approaches can be tested in funded projects: how will we generate, store and use energy in the future? The Wirtschaftsförderung Konstanz (business development) is the right contact point in this context.

Konstanz aims at becoming a sustainable city, thus networking with local companies is being promoted.


The still relatively young equivalent for the IT sector is, CyberLAGO initiated by the economic promotion of the city. It is a network for the fields of IT, digital media and web technology and represents Konstanz and the area as an IT location, advertises vacancies, arranges internships, promotes the collaboration between local companies and academic life and also supports startups. Both Konstanz universities have been involved right from the start. Sounds interesting? Simply contact CyberLAGO to get a direct link to an IT company.


When planning your career, the science and company network Life Sciences at Lake Constance, BioLAGO e.V., can be very useful: The high-tech network is a platform for the life sciences and biotechnology around the lake.

Dozens of companies with nearly 8,500 jobs have joined BioLAGO: from DNA encoding to chemical-free plant protection up to drug testing – the topics health, nutrition and environment have firmly been established here. The focus is on intensive exchange between science and the local economy. Entrepreneurs can, for example, get advice on safeguarding intellectual property.

You can also contact BioLAGO when you have to write a paper or thesis, or want to do an internship.   Direct contact to the companies is guaranteed here.

Side Jobs

As life in Konstanz is not exactly cheap, you might want to earn a few extra bucks alongside studying:

The job board of the Student Service Seezeit is essential when looking for a suitable side job. In collaboration with the agency for employment they support you in finding a student job. Simply go to the job board on the web page, enter your search criteria and fill in the search mask.

The local newspaper Südkurier:
If you don’t feel like working in catering in the summer and at the Christmas market in winter you should have a look at the job adverts in the Südkurier. Here you will find countless offers beyond the seasonal jobs in the tourist industry. There should be something for every taste.

Notice boards:
On the notice boards of the departments of the university and the HTWG you can find jobs that never make it as far as to the usual job placement services. It is more likely that you will find an interesting research assistant position than a temporary job as Santa Claus here, and that speaks for itself. You might also want to try the Career Service of the university.


Mentoring for women

According to the motto ‚more women to power – a tandem for better career opportunities‘ the University and the HTWG collaborate on the two mentoring programmes for women. A female mentor who is active in professional life will support you in starting and promoting your career. Within the context of the MINT-mentoring (in the fields of mathematics, information engineering, natural sciences and technology) men act as mentors, too.

Job fairs

Every year the career fair „Kontaktpunktof the university is held in the Konzil of Konstanz: Making contacts is half the battle – the platform to establish personal contacts between students and employers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein including an extensive framework programme. The fair is open to all students and graduates of all universities in the Lake Constance area.

Three times per year the HTWG hosts specific company contact fairs in building F, where numerous exhibitors and a corresponding framework programme await the students from the HTWG, University and PHTG:

The Together AG, based in St. Gallen (Switzerland), hosts job fairs, contact events and workshops for university students and graduates in different Swiss regions, aimed at specific target groups and not limited to single universities. Konstanz, Vorarlberg (Austria) and Liechtenstein are among the venues.

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