Economic region lake Constance

Early contact to companies is, just as a stay abroad, essential for your successful career start. Konstanz offers excellent conditions for your first steps in the working world. Not only can you study, live pleasantly, go shopping and go on nice holidays in this border region – nearly half of the city’s total turnover is being generated in the manufacturing industry. Around 3,800 enterprises and companies with more than 21,000 jobs are located here! Important lines of business are, among others, life sciences, biology, information and environmental technology.

You are looking for a placement, possible partners for your final paper or a position as trainee? The University, HTWG, PHTG and city institutions offer a wide range of support options for students starting their careers – science and economy are two sides of the same coin here.

Mentoring for women

According to the motto ‚more women to power – a tandem for better career opportunities‘ the University and the HTWG collaborate on the two mentoring programmes for women. A female mentor who is active in professional life will support you in starting and promoting your career. Within the context of the MINT-mentoring (in the fields of mathematics, information engineering, natural sciences and technology) men act as mentors, too.

Job fairs

Every year the career fair „Kontaktpunktof the university is held in the Konzil of Konstanz: Making contacts is half the battle – the platform to establish personal contacts between students and employers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein including an extensive framework programme. The fair is open to all students and graduates of all universities in the Lake Constance area.

Three times per year the HTWG hosts specific company contact fairs in building F, where numerous exhibitors and a corresponding framework programme await the students from the HTWG, University and PHTG:

The Together AG, based in St. Gallen (Switzerland), hosts job fairs, contact events and workshops for university students and graduates in different Swiss regions, aimed at specific target groups and not limited to single universities. Konstanz, Vorarlberg (Austria) and Liechtenstein are among the venues.


Your central point of contact at the university is in room D 410/411: The Career-Service-Centre (CSC) – a joint initiative of the university, Arbeitsagentur (job centre) and IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee – acts as interface between students and employers. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am. to 11.30 am. you can drop in at the Career-Service-Centre in the Student Service Centre and get advice. The face-to-face service is rounded off by an online placement – and job vacancy database.

Employers can also obtain University statistics. The CSC collaborates closely with the individual faculties when it comes to finding jobs or a placement for you. Departments such as Politics and Administration that require placements anyway also support you in finding these placements – and the notice boards are always worth a visit too.

The event calendar lists workshops or talks on a great variety of topics: from starting your career in development work to financing start-up companies. Additionally they offer visits to job fairs in Zurich. Every semester you will find a list of all career-related events in the calendar of events ‚Studium Professionale‘. HTWG and PH Thurgau students are also very welcome (if number of participants is limited, only when places are available). A monthly event newsletter will keep you up to date.

The yearly Career’s Day at the university: here it really get’s going with free application photos, application training or check of your application documents and tips on the tricky subject salary negotiations.

Career start at the HTWG

At the HTWG your primary point of contact is your faculty. Every semester the individual departments organise numerous series of lectures and practical projects that establish the initial contact between students and companies. Whether it is your final paper, career start, obligatory placements or an assistant position: check the websites and postings on the notice boards.

Students of all faculties can get more general advice on their career and career start in a special series of workshops. Key skills or application training: Programme “Stark für Studium und Beruf” (strong in studies and career).

Career start at the PHTG

Training and career for students of the University of Teacher Education (PHTG) in Kreuzlingen are pretty much predetermined. This is why practical experience during the training plays a key role. Soon-to-be teachers get to know everyday life in the class room right from the beginning in numerous practical trainings. On the pages of the individual courses of studies of the PHTG you can find the planned practical trainings – amounting to as much as a quarter or even a third of your studies. The University of Teacher Education maintains its own practical training network that will support you in getting a whiff of working as a teacher.

Those planning the time after their studies will greatly appreciate the events held in your last year of studies under the motto „After the PH“. There you’ll get information on the current job market and can learn how to apply professionally. In the main building P, directly across the northern staircase, you can find national and international job vacancies and proxy jobs on the notice board.

Here we have provided a short list of specialised job websites:

The canton Thurgau as employer also posts job vacancies in the area of education.

University graduates can get advice at the career guidance centre Amt für Berufsbildung und Berufsberatung of the Department of Education and Culture too.
And, of course, there is always the employment agency of the Cantons, kantonale Arbeitsvermittlung, to assist you.