Two cities, one campus

Whether Germany or the Swiss confederation, Standard German or dialect – in both cities Konstanz and Kreuzlingen – marked by the worldwide unique sculpture border, the Kunstgrenze, you can live almost unnoticed beetween two countries. In the “German-Swiss twin city“ live more than 120,000 residents. Thereof 17,000 students who change smoothly beetween the borders.

Konstanz and Kreuzlingen do not only boast with an excellent offer of higher education – student life is vibrant beyond the campus too.  The beautiful scenery, the location at the lake, the proximity to the Alps, the educational offers, the sport venues as well as the retail and food & beverage facilities turn the two cities into a genuine recreational paradise.

Above all, Konstanz scores with its numerous cultural institutions: there is the city theatre and the Philharmonic Orchestra, and, what’s more, a lively scene with urban flair. In the historic centre three cinemas, the cultural centre K9  and many student bars supply lots of entertainment with concerts, cabaret and readings. In the ‘Neuwerk’ and in the ‘Kulturladen’ you will find an alternative music and party programme, whereas several large discos in the industrial area invite you to come dancing, and the harbour area ‘Hafenmeile’ is a magnet in the summer with its beer gardens and the almost Mediterranean flair.

Kreuzlingen on the other hand scores with its idyllic situation between forests, grasslands and mountains, the Bodensee arena, the sports and cultural centre Dreispitz, and the spacious waterfront grounds. The mountain Säntis is on its doorstep and the mountains a mere 100 kilometres away invite you to go snowboarding, skiing and breathing mountain air.

The element water serves as a link, and you can feel its attraction all year round – not only for university sports and surfing, but also for relaxing, taking a stroll, swimming and chilling with your friends. That’s what studying at the lake is like!
Just like at the universities, you will be able to discover something new every day in the city without borders, Konstanz-Kreuzlingen’.

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