Tip for bargain hunters: Microsoft for 4 euros

Writing term papers, presentations and theses without Microsoft Office? Impossible! But a licence can be expensive. Lucky you! As a student enrolled at the University of Konstanz or the HTWG you may download Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for your PC and Mac for 3.99 euros! And the best part: you can use it on up to five different devices. For more information, visit the IT Service Centre and office für bildung pages.

Tip for bargain hunters: Get a GEZ exemption

Since 1 January 2013, every household has had to pay the so-called “Rundfunkbeitrag” (TV and radio licence fee). That means: It doesn’t matter how many people you share your flat with, as long as one person pays the fee the entire household is covered.

BAföG (German Federal Training Assistance Act) recipients may apply for an exemption from paying the Rundfunkbeitrag. If you or one of your flatmates are granted an exemption, the others won’t have to pay the fee either.

It’s best to apply for an exemption from paying licence fees within two months of having your BAföG application approved. You must do this in order for your Rundfunkbeitrag exemption to take effect retrospectively on the day your BAföG starts. If you don’t apply within two months, you will not be exempted until the following month.

Tip for bargain hunters: Zebra, the home of underground cinema

A film for 6.50 euros (students and pupils only 5.50) – where would you find that? At the Zebra cinema in Konstanz of course! For more than 30 years, the non-commercial Zebra cinema has been well-known for its excellent film selection beyond the mainstream. Their motto is “Andere Filme anders zeigen”, which is to say they aim to show different films in a different manner. The programme is organised by a team of volunteers and consists of various film series and thematic emphases. A special treat for real film buffs: They also show 35-mm films! Drinks are very affordable and on Mondays (Kinotag) admission is a sensational 4.50 euros!

Additionally, the Zebra team organises the low-budget »short.film.festival« every autumn. 2016 saw its 13th instalment! In several film blocks, you can watch short films lasting a maximum of 30 minutes each. Make sure to get your glamour on: numerous film directors will be present!

Tip for bargain hunters: Fairkauf, recycling depot, Brockenhaus

You need crockery for your apartment, a wardrobe, or a used vacuum cleaner? Have a look at the second-hand store „Fairkauf“  or the Warenbörse (merchandise exchange) of the Wertstoffhof (recycling depot) . Both are Caritas initiatives where you can find great bargains from time to time.

In Switzerland we recommend the Brockenhaus, called „Brocki“ by everyone (there are two inKreuzlingen!).

Tip for bargain hunters: going by bus for free

Don’t have a Studi-Ticket but want to ride the bus for free? No problem! All students enrolled at the university or HTWG can use the Studi-Ticket public transportation services from 19:00 to 04:30 thanks to the solidarity fee all students pay each semester. That includes the bus, the Seehas trains and even the ferry to/from Meersburg. Only exception: the special “Nachtschwärmer” (night owl) buses. Please don’t forget to bring along your student ID card and the attached semester sticker.