Tip for discoverers: Great views of the “Seenachtsfest”

The summer Seenachtfest is a real spectacle, not least because of its fireworks, which are put on by a team of German and Swiss pyrotechnicians.

If you’re not too keen on spending lots of money, just find a spot near the Bismarckturm, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fantastic views (if the skies are clear, that is) – or join the party at the “Fantastical” festival on the Swiss side. Admission is free on Fridays and Saturdays. On Saturdays, admission to the fireworks is CHF 10.00 (advance booking: CHF 7.00), which is a lot cheaper than usual.

Tip for discoverers: Stermann & Grissemann on ORF

Those who have set their radio to FM4 have already settled nicely in Konstanz or Kreuzlingen. The figureheads of the Vienna-based cult radio station are Dirk Stermann and Christoph Grissemann. They even have their own talk show on ORF television. You can watch “Willkommen Österreich” (Welcome Austria) every Tuesday evening. Highly recommended to friends of coarse humour and/or the German TV entertainer Harald Schmidt. And while you’re at it, make sure to give the university and HTWG radio stations a try, as well as the regional Seefunk station!

Tip for discoverers: Educational discount on PC software

Need new software for your PC? Then you might want to visit the Cobra Shop in Stromeyersdorf (or try their online shop), where pupils, students and course participants can buy software at affordable rates (educational discount). Cobra collaborates with Microsoft and Adobe, among others. You can enquire via phone and email too. And for as little as 4 euros, you can download Microsoft Office 365 Pro plus! More information is available here.

Tip for discoverers: the best ice cream in town

Summer is around the corner and you’re wondering where to find the best ice cream in town? If you’re looking for a truly exceptional selection of flavours, look no further than the Zandanel café in Konstanz’s pedestrian area (Wessenbergstraße). They have it all: from plum to tangerine to Raffaello. And they’re particularly famous for their custom flavours, which really make all the difference! If artisan ice cream is your thing, you might also love the Pano: Sorbets, frozen yoghurt or regular ice cream – at the Pano, every season comes with its own range of choices.

Tip for discoverers: New Year’s Eve Swimming

Water is the mother of invention, and thus a few lifeguards decided, back in the 70s, to go swimming exactly on New Year’s Eve. By now this New Year’s Eve swimming has turned into a happening that attracts more and more water aficionados. Even though nowadays it takes place shortly before New Year’s Eve.