Behind colourful and sometimes weirdy-nice shop windows several second-hand shops await you in the city centre. The style of the clothes there lies somewhere between hippie and grandmother’s fashion, but you can run across some unique finds. Especially in the weeks before carnival or one of the infamous student theme parties.


The jeans shop does not have a web address. It has already been in business since 1983, so its name has nothing to do with the Hollywood whale. Nevertheless, it is sort of an eternal insider tip in the city, perhaps because it is located slightly off the beaten track near Fischmarkt. It has brand name jeans from Pepe, G-Star and Diesel as well as shirts, t-shirts and all the rest. Address: Fischmarkt 17.


This place has seen many competitors come and go over the past 25 years. Maybe that is why it gets by without modern stuff like a website. Don’t be deceived by the name of the shop, as its assortment includes jackets, sweaters and shirts too. Nevertheless: the „wall of jeans“ is the heart of the store, where you will also find jeans made of organic cotton from Kuyichi and Apparel. Where? Wessenbergstraße 18.


As the name implies, an absolute oddity among clothes shops in Konstanz. You will have great trouble locating the shop, and even if you have made it into the backyard (Bodanstraße 23), there are still two doors to go through. At first sight it’s hard to believe that the trip was worth the effort. The chaos in the storage room-like shop is so immense that you will state your size only out of pity when the owner addresses you. However, when Daddy Cool arrives a few minutes later with three pairs of trousers that fit perfectly and even have the right colour, you will be awestruck. Payment too is carried out in style: The receipt still displays the very old four-digit postal code for Konstanz.


Clearly one of the most stylish shops in the city. The shop has been very successful over the past five years and rightfully so. At Soulfoot, a very extensive selection of new sneakers and classic sneakers from renowned manufacturers awaits you on two floors. New deliveries from New York and Herzogenaurach (Adidas location) constantly keep rolling in. On principle, however, the product range does not include Puma. Instead, Adidas, Nike, Asics, Jordan and Boxfresh jostle for the best positions. You will also find street-wear shirt brands such as Stüssy and Beastin – Franck Ribéry too feels as right as rain in those, as you know.
Get an overview in their well-sorted online shop.


Whether it is skis, skates, snowboards or surfboards: here you will find everything you need for your boards. Along with the brand name DC it also has clothes from Quiksilver and its girl equivalent Roxy. And, what’s more, helmets from Bern, bindings from Tech Nine and boards from Gnu and Lib Tech.

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