How to fill your plate:

Organic markets
Healthy shopping while preserving the environment? No problem: denn’s Biomarkt (near Bodanplatz) and Alnatura (Fischmarkt) are two organic supermarkets in the down town area. The selection of ecological products is impeccable. Prices are above discounter level, of course, but not excessively high. The fresh-food market Biowelt (Petershausen) and the organic shop Wegwarte at the Cherisy barracks are popular among opponents to genetically modified food, too. Green-shopping possibilities fitting for a city that elected the first „Green“ mayor in Germany in 1996.

Regardless whether you are ecologically conscious: you can’t get by without Kaufland and Edeka for your basic needs. With a total of eight branches, both supermarkets are number one in Konstanz due to their comprehensive offer. Of course, the student-friendly prices also are a plus. You will find household goods and electronic articles in the Kaufland’s assortment too. You’ll find a number of the usual suspects across Konstanz: There are several branches each of Aldi, Lidl and Penny. Why not take your bike out for a spin around the neighbourhood – you’ll be certain to find somewhere to do your shopping.

Farmer’s market
The classic: relaxed shopping in the pleasant atmosphere of a farmer’s market. Freshly picked vegetables directly from the producer, Lake Constance fish and freshly squeezed apple juice in five-litre canisters await you. Take a stroll through the market stalls either at Stephansplatz, downtown, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and at Gebhardsplatz, in Petershausen, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Find the detaillied opening hours here.

Whether it is Batavia (Inselgasse 18), Baobei (Seerheincentre) or Dai Hiep (Von-Emmich-Straße 3), there is no lack of ingredients for the wok. Stop by and pick up some glass noodles, curry paste, bamboo sprouts, peanut oil or the all-time favourite sushi ingredients. Aficionados of African and South-American food will get their money’s worth at Baobei too.

The abundant offer of pasta and cheese at the discounter Migros in Kreuzlingen attracts not only Swiss customers. However, don’t count on German supermarket prices here.