Taking on the internet shops with colourful variety
Globalisation is also making its mark on the book business: owner-operated book stores have become a rarity ever since books over the internet are just a click away. Thus, it is great that there are still places to go such as »Homburger & Hepp«, located at Münsterplatz since 1921. You’ll get expert advice and find a huge selection of books, ranging from fiction to regional books and children’s books through to psychology and theology. The »Bücherschiff« mainly scores in the fields of architecture, arts and law.

Mainstream? No, thanks!
The bookshop »Zur Schwarzen Geiß« located just a few steps further at Obermarkt also does not belong to a chain. This is not a place for mainstream literature. Instead, the book shop, which was originally established as a left-wing info stand by university students in 1977, focuses on humanities publications. The offer is rounded off by sophisticated fiction literature, which you won’t find on any best-seller lists.

English books and university books to go
The English Bookshop has been a popular spot for many years not only among language students. Its range of books spans from sport to technology and on to politics and science.  With a total of three branches, the book store Osiander by far has the largest offer of books in Konstanz. While its inner courtyard café in Kanzleistraße offers you a break from the shopping bustle, the university branch of Osiander has a readily available assortment of literature for all academic disciplines.


Let The Music Play!
Support your local record dealer! Anybody can order through the internet, but wouldn’t it be much better to act locally and browse, exchange, bargain, buy and sell in the time-honoured second-hand music shop »Studio 1« ? Diagonally opposite the Schnetztor tower CDs, records, singles, DVDs, boxsets and other collector’s items await new owners. The pleasant chat with the professional staff is also practically part of the shopping fun. No expert-question is too difficult to answer. You can pick up concert tickets for the ‚Kulturladen‘ here, too.

The larger chain stores Müller Markt and Media Markt offer a vast selection of new CDs and DVDs. Those wishing to make their own music should stay right at the Schnetztor. Musik Ebert offers advice to both professionals and amateurs when it comes to instruments, sheet music and other music accessories.


University Library
More than two million books are located in the heart of the university and are available 24 hours (from Monday 8 a.m. to Friday 11 p.m., on weekends and holidays from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., the media library is not permanently open, though). The systematic organisation is truly a blessing. The material is arranged by topics. That means that you might find other books that are more worthwhile than the book you were originally searching for. Also great: the self-checkout at any time of the day and night. Trust us: taking a peek at the multi-award-winning library is well worth your while.

HTWG Library
What looks like an Italian villa along the Lake-Rhine contains the book collection of the HTWG. The former city slaughter house, which was remodelled into a library in 1994, has ever since been the largest technology-oriented library on the lake with its 80,000 items. It has been designated the best library of an applied sciences university time and time again. The library of the HTWG of course has a self-checkout service too.

Public Library
You can hardly miss the red façade and the many bicycles in front of it. The cultural centre by the cathedral is the home to both the adult education centre and the public library. If you couldn’t find what you need for your leisure time elsewhere, you might have luck here. The offer includes books, CDs and DVDs. Also great: you can simply download digital media such as books, audio books and films to your PC or iPad via the online lending service „Onleihe“. And it gets even better: As a student, you can use the library for free and save 12 euros in annual membership fees.