Bike rental and bike repair shop

No bike of your own? No problem. At the Asta bike rental students can order bikes online and rent them for 1 euro per day, with 60 rental days being allowed per semester, for Erasmus students even 120 days.

Your bike needs servicing? Welcome to the Asta bike repair shop. Here you can build your repair capacities. You will find the necessary tools, some spare parts and motivated tutors offering help and advice.



Studying abroad and turning a still unexplored city into your new home – it could be a huge adventure. More than 1,000 international students from all over the world experience the same nervousness and excitement their first day in Konstanz. But stay cool – the staff of the University of Konstanz is here to assist you.

No matter if you would like to apply as an exchange or degree-seeking student at the University of Konstanz – the International Office is the most important source of assistance before and during your stay in Konstanz. Feel free to speak to the staff concerning visas, financial strains or planning your studies.


There are many ways to realise a study visit abroad. The University of Konstanz has a broad international outlook and encourages every student to go abroad for one or two semesters. Exchange possibilities offered by more than 250 collaborations with universities throughout the world make this quite easy.
And not only studying – you can also think about doing a work placement, a research project, a summer school or a language course in another country. There are so many opportunities…

Highly coveted

Places at the university are coveted as never before. Nearly 700 students have been part of this impressive complex since October 2012 – a record high in the ten-year history of the university.

Along the two buildings of the PHTG, the ‚Pädagogische Maturitätsschule‘ and the canton school Kreuzlingen form the ‘Campus Education’ of Kreuzlingen. The atmosphere here is very cosy, and you will be in close contact to the teachers and lecturers. The sports facilities, library and canteen can easily be reached by foot.

Interdisciplinary and cross-border

The PHTG is an institution of teacher education for pre-school education (Kindergarden), primary education (classes 1 to 6), as well as secondary education I and II. In coordination with the University Konstanz the PHTG offers the cross-border master course of studies „Early childhood“, focusing on children aged 0 to 5 years.

The interdisciplinary programme aims at intensifying research in that age group and providing the results to daycare and other educational institutions. The close contact to the Marie Meierhofer Institute in Zurich and the university hospital for child and adolescent psychiatry in Ulm prove advantageous for the aim of developing the quality of care.

For international students, too

International students can apply at the University of Teacher Education too. However, the admission quota is limited and differs between the courses of studies. Not only the overall average grade, but also the location where you took your Abitur (higher education entrance qualification) is important, as preferential treatment applies to applicants from the administrative district Konstanz.

Studying? Off to the bar!

As our space is stretched to its limits due to the PHTG’s enormous popularity with students, in 2012 we simply rented a hall in a shut down bar, located just a few steps off the PHTG campus.

Video transmission of a lecture into a second room in exceptional cases has been tried and tested. Otherwise, lectures are often being held in the school hall of the „Maturitätsschule“. And the graduation party takes place at the Dreispitz, the close-by sports and cultural centre. In the PHTG canteen you can relax with coffee and ‚gipfeli‘ (croissants) and enjoy the wonderful view.


The all-in-one card for students. The Campus Card is the identity card for students of the PHTG. You need it to use the libraries on the „Campus Education Kreuzlingen“, enter the building out of opening hours, use the photocopier and make cashless payments for snacks and drinks in the canteen and at vending machines. The IBH logo on the Campus Card also makes the use of the canteens and libraries of all IBH partners possible under the same conditions as the students on site have.

Broad perspective, short distances

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You’ll notice the building from afar: a modern, design-oriented concrete structure with large glass fronts, which let the interior amalgamate with the green exterior. Broad perspective, short distances: that is the Thurgau University of Teacher Education in Kreuzlingen, PHTG (Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau).
A building firing fantasies: In 2010 the TV crime series „Tatort“ was filmed here, with the PHTG acting as a beauty clinic for the well-off.

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