How to study with us

International students can complete coursework at HTWG by either taking part in an academic exchange or applying for admission to a full degree program at the HTWG Konstanz. In either case, strong German language skills are recommended for both everyday life in Constance and our classes, most of which are conducted in German.

Exchange programs are supervised by the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Office) and are usually 1-2 semesters in length.

Students who wish to complete their entire course of study at the HTWG Konstanz will need to contact the Studienkolleg Konstanz (Center for International Students) before filing a direct application for admission in order to have their German language skills assessed and their school diplomas validated.

Studienkolleg – Center for international students

The Studienkolleg is responsible for supervising degreeseeking students – as well as those who want to study at the HTWG or any University of Applied Sciences in Baden-
Württemberg. Its roles include the validation of your certificates as well as qualifying for admission to study (Entrance Exam, one-year-courses, Assessment Exam).

In addition, international and German students have many opportunities of cross-cultural exchange.

Programmes before lectures start

At the HTWG an Orientation Programme is offered to exchange students for several days every March and September. On these Orientation Days the International Office and the student organisation Helping Hand provide broad information concerning your new student life and make you familiar with Konstanz. Degree-seeking students will get a warm welcome and  orientation at the Studienkolleg.

During the semester

The Course Catalogue
The course catalogue of the HTWG can be found in this place: >Veranstaltungen >Studiengangpläne.

Degree-seeking students must look out for affirmative courses, while exchange students should attend courses which fit the requirements of their home university. After all the examination office will gather your graded certificates automatically.

Offers beyond

Helping Hand
Students with international experience give a helping hand to the exchange students on behalf of the International Office. Tips are provided on all subjects, from dealing with administrative formalities to nightlife.

In the twin programme advanced student starts you off (German link).

Two students with different mother tongues (German link) get together two learn each others’ mother tongues.

A very special offer: Students meet up with retired professors (German link) in order to complement their programme of study intensely.