In Konstanz natural scientists, jurists and humanists not only benefit from the university’s success in the Excellence Initiative of the German governments. In addition to that it is the only university offering research and teaching with a view of Lake Constance and the Alps.

Large campus short distances

The interlinked campus university might be a bit puzzling for newcomers trying to get oriented. But after a short adjustment period you will have fun trying out better and better shortcuts. Once you have found your way around, the distances on the giant and colourful campus are pretty short.

24 Hours on the campus

The university is located outside the city on the Giessberg hill, but you can spend the entire day there: why not pay a visit to the biologists’ mini-zoo between lectures or after some rigorous studying in the 24-hour library? Or would you rather stop by and relax with a cappuccino in the Campus Café? And there is also plenty to eat and drink at the university. The canteen (Mensa) offers inexpensive good food with a view of the lake, while the Arche restaurant serves Asian food for a change. The terrace above the canteen towers over the island of Mainau (spectacular on sunny days).

Green all around

By the way, sun: your brain cells can effortlessly recuperate at the university beach (the water sports area is just a few minutes away by foot). Otherwise, the university sports programme offers a thousand other ways to get your circulation pumping. In any case you are always out in the green, as soon as you take a step away from the campus buildings. During the semester the student councils and AStA organize parties on Wednesday evenings. Latest news you can find in the entrance area and on flyers in the canteen. Additionally, Tuesday is movie night in the Audimax auditorium at a discounted rate of 2.50€ (8.15 p.m.)

Fun Activities

Get your creative juices flowing in the big band, Campus-TV, choir, orchestra or theatre. The many university and study groups might also sting you into action. You can even get credits for joining the theatre group or being involved in one university group or another. And those who do not have a grand piano at home can borrow a key for the piano room (20 euros per semester or 5 euros per moth).

Bike rental and bike repair shop

No bike of your own? No problem. At the Asta bike rental students can order bikes online and rent them for 1 euro per day, with 60 rental days being allowed per semester, for Erasmus students even 120 days.

Your bike needs servicing? Welcome to the Asta bike repair shop. Here you can build your repair capacities. You will find the necessary tools, some spare parts and motivated tutors offering help and advice.




  • Students: 11,711
  • International students: 1,374

Courses of studies

  • Bachelor degree courses: 26
  • Master degree courses: 35
  • Secondary school teacher programmes (Bachelor of Education): 16
  • First State Examination in Law: 1

Faculties & Departments

Faculty of Sciences

  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Psychology

Faculty of Humanities

  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of History and Sociology with Empirical Educational Research and Sports Science
  • Department of Literature with Art and Media Studies
  • Department of Linguistics

Law – Economics – Politics

  • Department of Law
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Politics and Public Administration


  • approx. 250 international exchange programmes