Tip for bargain hunters: Zebra, the home of underground cinema

A film for 6.50 euros (students and pupils only 5.50) – where would you find that? At the Zebra cinema in Konstanz of course! For more than 30 years, the non-commercial Zebra cinema has been well-known for its excellent film selection beyond the mainstream. Their motto is “Andere Filme anders zeigen”, which is to say they aim to show different films in a different manner. The programme is organised by a team of volunteers and consists of various film series and thematic emphases. A special treat for real film buffs: They also show 35-mm films! Drinks are very affordable and on Mondays (Kinotag) admission is a sensational 4.50 euros!

Additionally, the Zebra team organises the low-budget »short.film.festival« every autumn. 2016 saw its 13th instalment! In several film blocks, you can watch short films lasting a maximum of 30 minutes each. Make sure to get your glamour on: numerous film directors will be present!