Why not study

where others go on holiday?

Welcome to Lake Constance and the cities of Kreuzlingen and Konstanz!

Both university cities are located directly at the lake and offer you fantastic study opportunities on their three campuses! After lectures, you can cycle to the beach for a swim or to the historic old town of Konstanz for shopping. Wherever you go, the largest lake in Germany is always close by, in an ideal spot in the heart of Europe. So Kreuzlingen and Konstanz are no metropolises, but if you want a touch of big city life you can head over to Zurich in Switzerland in just an hour. Or if skiing is your thing, you can reach the slopes just as quickly.

Discover and experience Kreuzlingen and Konstanz using our guide: get tips for an exciting night out in the local bars, pubs and clubs as well as for shopping trips or excursions into the nearby mountains. On the “getting started” pages we have included a lot of information about starting your studies and getting to know the three universities here.

Fotos: Marketing und Tourismus GmbH / Dagmar Schwelle, Unsplash / Zan Wrue, Campusfestival Konstanz, Unsplash / Tanya Patrikeyev, Stadt Kreuzlingen