Culture and leisure in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen

What to do in your free time: water and winter sports, museums, theatres and more

International, excellent and interdisciplinary – the universities in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen have a lot to offer. But student life is about more than just studying. In between attending lectures, studying and taking exams you should also take some time to relax and enjoy yourself. This is what is great about both cities on Lake Constance: there are plenty of ways to spend your free time, whether you like to go outdoors, to museums, or to cultural events.
Konstanz and Kreuzlingen are fantastic places to study, especially if you love sports and the water. In the summer, you can go swimming, sailing, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, rowing, canoeing and more at the lake. Take your pick! In the nearby Alps you can go hiking or climbing year-round, and the winter is great for skiing or snowboarding. University sports activities offer even more options to really get you going, whether it’s Aikido, ultimate frisbee, zumba or something else from the great range of the sports programme.

Are you more of a creative type? Then you might? find the theatres in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen exciting! In Konstanz alone, you can visit the Stadttheater, the Junges Theater, the Improvisationstheater or one of the two university theatres. You can even join the university theatre teams and showcase your own acting, scenography or technical talents.

Or perhaps you’d like to volunteer and learn something new? The region has a wide range of options for you to get started – from the cultural history museum to the Bodensee Naturmuseum or the artistic work of Kunstgrenze Konstanz Kreuzlingen. You can also get involved in a university group: Meet ERASMUS students, promote diversity, fight leukaemia or take part in social, international and human rights activities.

There are so many options to choose from! Some of our favourites are included in the culture and leisure pages.

Caption: Festival feeling with well-known and local bands and DJs: the Campus Festival in Konstanz. (Image: Campus Festival Konstanz)