Shopping in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen

Sustainable, affordable or specialty items – our shopping tips for Konstanz and Kreuzlingen

How do you shop? Based on intuition, your current budget or your conscience? Our “shopping” pages have tips for every taste and financial situation. Read where you can buy sustainable, regional and zero waste groceries and drugstore products, or where you will find the best Turkish or Russian specialties.

So, you’ve just arrived in the region and only have a limited budget to get the furniture or kitchen utensils you need for your flat share? Or you’re tired of fast fashion, but would still like to brush up your wardrobe? We give you tips on which shop in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen has the most extensive second-hand options and reveal where you can get cheap armchairs, vacuum cleaners and the like.

And we tell you which flea market in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen you absolutely should not miss! The experience alone is worth your while, even if you don’t buy anything and usually don’t go to flea markets.

Caption: From the small farmer’s market to the large shopping centre: Konstanz and Kreuzlingen have great shopping options. (Image: MTK / Dagmar Schwelle)