Campus Festival

Can’t believe that “Rock am See” is over? Looking for something else? Then how about the Campus Festival, which takes place on university grounds? Two days’ worth of live music from the hottest bands, great atmosphere included.

Click here to learn more about buying tickets, lineups and anything else that you need to know.

Tip for discoverers: Stermann & Grissemann on ORF

Those who have set their radio to FM4 have already settled nicely in Konstanz or Kreuzlingen. The figureheads of the Vienna-based cult radio station are Dirk Stermann and Christoph Grissemann. They even have their own talk show on ORF television. You can watch “Willkommen Österreich” (Welcome Austria) every Tuesday evening. Highly recommended to friends of coarse humour and/or the German TV entertainer Harald Schmidt. And while you’re at it, make sure to give the university and HTWG radio stations a try, as well as the regional Seefunk station!

Outdoor cinema

During the summer months the Zebra shows outdoor films in cooperation with the university at different locations. The selection of films caters somewhat to public demand, but they do not go as far as to show the new Stallone film. The colleagues at the Kreuzlingen Seepark open air at the harbour, in contrast, don’t have such reservations. For around 12 euros you can watch German and international box office hits here in July.

Tip for bargain hunters: Zebra, the home of underground cinema

A film for 6.50 euros (students and pupils only 5.50) – where would you find that? At the Zebra cinema in Konstanz of course! For more than 30 years, the non-commercial Zebra cinema has been well-known for its excellent film selection beyond the mainstream. Their motto is “Andere Filme anders zeigen”, which is to say they aim to show different films in a different manner. The programme is organised by a team of volunteers and consists of various film series and thematic emphases. A special treat for real film buffs: They also show 35-mm films! Drinks are very affordable and on Mondays (Kinotag) admission is a sensational 4.50 euros!

Additionally, the Zebra team organises the low-budget »« every autumn. 2016 saw its 13th instalment! In several film blocks, you can watch short films lasting a maximum of 30 minutes each. Make sure to get your glamour on: numerous film directors will be present!

Blockbuster at Cinestar

Films play an important role in the city on the lake, in particular, but not only, due to the university study programme Literature-Art-Media. The legendary German crime show „Tatort“ is also filmed in Konstanz and the city sometimes even is a refuge for big Hollywood stars. Keira Knightley and »Lord of the Rings«-star Viggo Mortensen paid a visit to the city for David Cronenberg’s film »A Dangerous Method«. Otherwise they can be seen on the screens of Cinestar, the largest cinema complex with nine theatres and 1,400 seats.

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