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Going out in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen

Take time to unwind after hitting the books Sometimes it’s great to clear your mind and relax while meeting people, enjoying a cool drink and listening to good music. Who knows? It may even turn into an all-nighter… Although Konstanz and Kreuzlingen are no big cities, they still offer a lot in the way of bars, clubs and discos. Julia, who is from Konstanz, is happy to share the top locations with you.

Up for a cosy vinothek, hip bar or even a bout at the disco? Konstanz and Kreuzlingen have a great range of options for you and your friends on your evening out. (Photo: Unsplash / Antoine Julien).

Tips for your night out

Closing time in Konstanz

Party around the clock? Konstanz, too, has a closing time. On weeknights bars usually close at 1:00, on the weekend they are open until 3:00. The larger clubs in the industrial area are sometimes open until 5:00 during the week, but not every day.

Getting around Konstanz at night

Your best bet for getting around Konstanz at night is to use your bike. You only need about 10-15 minutes to cycle from the city centre or the Swiss border to clubs in the industrial area. But take care: The police regularly check whether cyclists are still sober enough to ride, for example, at the bike bridge. If you won’t be cycling, then you can take either a taxi or the “Nachtschwärmer” night bus that goes around once a night.

Border-hopping bar-hopping

If you’ll be hopping between German and Swiss locations, make sure to bring along your personal ID and some cash in both currencies. If you’re coming from Germany, remember that Swiss prices are always a good bit higher so you don’t get sticker shock buying a cocktail.

Current party dates

You can get the best overview of what’s happening, current happy hours and other student-friendly special offers by checking the Partynews website:

If you’re heading out clubbing in Switzerland, why not visit the website at:

Or if you’d like to go bar-hopping in Konstanz with a group of friends, find out more at:

Bars, clubs and discos from A to Z

Bars, clubs and discos: Which place is best for which mood? We’ve put together an alphabetical list for you of the most important nightlife locations in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen. Are we missing one of your favourite locations for drinks and great music? Email us your suggestion!


For: drinks

The centrally located 107 offers a great bar atmosphere for sipping drinks. Sometimes there’s even a DJ playing in the background.

Backstage Rock Café

For: drinks and live music
As the name says, you’ll hear guitar music here and might even take in a live show while enjoying a beer.

Berry´s Konstanz

For: drinks and dancing
Berry’s is a classic disco with different theme days on a total of two floors. The music style is usually somewhere between R & B, latin and house music. A little dresscode applies: Leave your flipflops, shorts or baseball caps at home! If you come here often, you can save money with the Clubcard. Open until 5:00.

Blauer Engel Cocktailbar

For: drinks
The Blauer Engel (blue angel) offers a great selection of lovely mixed drinks. The only problem is: Which one do you start with?


For: drinks
For decades now, Casba has been an institution for getting a good drink. It also has table football and really loud music tucked away at the back of a building complex.

Contrast Konstanz

For: drinks, dancing and party games
Jugendkultur e.V. Contrast (youth centre) offers everything from punk to electronic music at its bar and party events. Political topics are also regularly part of the programme.


For: drinks
Whether you come for the “Kölsch” (Cologne-style beer), Mexican or pitcher theme nights, the Destille is a cosy spot for student-friendly happenings, including watching the Sunday-night murder mystery „Tatort“ together.

Einstein Bar

For: drinks
The Einstein Bar is slightly hidden away on Augustinerplatz. If you find your way down the steep stairs, you’ll be rewarded with delicious drinks.

Grey Club Konstanz

For: drinks and dancing
If you’re going for a big night out, why not drop by the Grey Club and enjoy the four floors and restaurant that the stylish location has to offer? There is a wide range of weekly special offers include a ladies’ night, a reggae night and party days with drinks at half price. The beat goes on until 5:00.


For: drinks
Heimat offers students a place to feel at home. Reasons to drop by every week include the fair prices, including happy hour specials, and the cosy inner courtyard.

Horst Klub

For: drinks and live music
The Horst in Kreuzlingen offers great live music from independent artists – often with a lot of guitar.

K9 Kulturzentrum

For: live music (and other cultural events)
Not necessarily a hipster location, but very culturally diverse: the K9. In addition to music and improvisation acts on stage, you’ll find party nights with salsa and world music here as well.

Kantine Konstanz

For: drinks and dancing (and lunch)
The Kantine in Neuwerk is small but extremely popular with students. If you’ve got your dancing shoes on, you can move to beats ranging from trap to (old school) hip hop or electronic music. If you need a break from dancing, you can hang out in the cosy inner courtyard. Open until 5:00.


For: drinks
Cosy atmosphere, good music and tasty drinks: The Klimperkasten has everything you need to kick off your party night in a relaxed atmosphere. Every so often there are also special events, like a roundtable discussion or acoustic live music.


For: drinks and live music
The Kolbenfresser is a rock bar where you will often see motorcyclists in leather leaning against the counter. Now and again bands play here as well.

KULA (Kulturladen)

For: drinks, live music, dancing (and food in the KULA Bar)
A wide range of events including concerts, poetry slams and readings are all available at the KULA. There are even party events with DJs where you can either dance in front of the stage or simply watch the performance while sipping a drink. There is also a separate lounge for smoking.


For: live music (and other cultural events)
The Kreuzlingen cultural centre KultX offers a wide range of cultural events: from concerts and jam sessions to, for example, film screenings and exhibitions.


For: drinks and dancing
The centrally located P-Club is a place where you can enjoy a cocktail or jump to the music, for example, at Latino party night. Now and again there is also live music on tap.


For: drinks and food (and sometimes dancing)
The Rheinterasse next to the “Rheinstrandbad” beach is just the place to enjoy a cool drink with tapas, watch the sunset along the Rhine river and occasionally get in some dancing.

Schwarze Katz

For: drinks and food
The Katz is a small, cosy place for great drinks and tasty finger food.

Shotz Bar

For: drinks
The name speaks for itself: Shotz serves up spirits. The “Shot der Woche” is a weekly special – 15 shots for you and your 14 best friends.


For: drinks
Open from about April to October when the weather is good: The Strandbar on the “Seerhein” riverside is where you can enjoy your drinks while dipping your feet in the sand and listening to relaxing music outdoors. But be forewarned: others may have had the same idea and you may need to wait a little longer in line.

Vetter Adler

For: drinks
A newer bar in Konstanz, and a good one! Vetter Adler moved in to an old bar for smokers and turned it into a hip place in the “Paradies” quarter. Come here for classics like beer and wine as well as some creative drinks and small meals.


For: drinks and food
It looks just like your grandmother’s living room, but it has much better drinks and cooler food. On the “Rieterwerke” grounds, Wohnzimmer is the place where you can get your evening started with a tasty burger meal, then enjoy, 2,3, or more fabulous long drinks, and take in the music from various DJs so that you end up heading for home sometime after midnight.

One Night in Konstanz

This video by Leo, a local student, shows his tips for going out on the town:

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